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Topic subjectRE: Order in the court,Christianity on Trial!
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21650, RE: Order in the court,Christianity on Trial!
Posted by nappiness, Wed Sep-06-00 08:07 PM
i'm just curious, were u raped by a priest or something or was yo daddy a good for nuthin preacher. no, in all seriousness is your hostility towards religion or is it towards those who have misused and abused religion?

like i tell people u have to do your part.....just like folks claim that church begs too much, God knows whats on your heart and he knows your intent. a true believer and one who walks by faith can't get caught up in the madness, just like if u give a man a dollar out the kindness of your heart u can't be worried about what he does with it you've done your part by giving to him.

and insults get you no where. for me, i get sick and damn tired of folks getting some education and reading a book and all of a sudden they hate religion. academia, bohemian lifestyle, or higher educations does not equate to anti-religion.

lastly,you have ranted on and on in post after post about religion and race being a social construct. r u waiting for folks to agree with you or what. hell, i hear ya and i understand what u r saying but that doesn't mean i am going to agree no matter how many times you make your anti-race and anti-religion posts.

my response is not only to this post but also to your previous anti-religion, christianity, organized religion posts.

"If you are an asshole keep your thoughts to yourself"
"If your intent is to hurt someone else's feelings for the sake of making yo'self look like a 'supastar', rethink your intent."
Nappiness is next to Godliness!!!
"To thy ownself be true"
Ms. Nappiness