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Topic subjectAs my first witness
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21644, As my first witness
Posted by guest, Wed Sep-06-00 09:08 AM
I call anyone who participates in any organized religion, and or culture for that matter, to substitute their own names in to the said accusations and see if they too can't feel that trial? Like it was aid on here before, these charges are abstract, and as a result any one of us can find a place or time when we have accepted dogma that has not always made sense. In one wsay I love religion: it is one of the only things in this world that fully believes in the power of love and people to elevate our being to something more than what it is now. Not money, not blind faith, not any of the bullshit, but love for yourself and those around you. And everytime a new religion comes or a new culture develops, that innovation is what makes the world turn. The sad side effect is that people become so attached top what they create that sometimes it never changes. Maybe this is what is happening with religion? The minute love becomes an institution with rules and regulations, can any of us abide by those laws????