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Topic subjectAND FINALLY... my response to this original post
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21643, AND FINALLY... my response to this original post
Posted by guest, Wed Sep-06-00 08:02 AM
I represent neither defense or prosecution, but rather submit this brief to the court for review

>1)Not representing the true teachings of
>the Prophet Jesus

This is true, the gospel of Thomas? is ignored, because it shoots down alot of what these nuts who claim to speak for Jesus (who never met Jesus by the way) say in their bible. Teachings are weeded out just to keep that which is "convenient"

>2)Being a vehicle to enslave and
>pacify millions of Africas in
>the Western hemispere

this is also accurate, Christianity HAS been used for this

>3)Being a vehicle to pacify, colonize,
>and westernize non-white people throughout
>the globe, with no respect
>for indegenous cultures and religions.

"in the name of Christ" ...read your Columbus

>4)Being sexist an exclusionary to women
>from the Genesis fairy tale
>to prohibition of women in
>leadership roles of the clergy,
>as well as presenting God
>as a male figure.

yes, many if not most (perhaps all?) Christian sects have excluded women. In the begining, it was equal, but was quickly polluted as Christianity was politicized. (examine pre-Catholicism Xtian sects)

>5)Being a tool to rationalize servitude
>in the fuedal and slavery

was used for this, too.

>6)Being a tool to supress revolutionary
>practices, by promising a better
>afterlife while one suffers through
>this one, thereby selling desparate
>people a bag of dope
>oh! i mean hope.

traditional US christianity 1700-1970's did alot of this right here... so did euro-catholocism

>7)Being a tool to keep people
>from finding strength in one
>self, but to find strenghth
>in a mystery God in
>the sky that will make
>everything OK, thereby creating a
>focus on the external as
>opposed to the internal (i.e.

this is true of diety-based religions in general. If people have a problem with that, it's another discussion altogether.

>8)Being a accomplice in the underdevelopment
>of the non-western world.

hmm... i see where you're going with this one, but that's more political than the nature of organized sects in general

>9)Being racist and ethno-centrist in the
>forced conversion of non-white peoples,
>in the name of so-called
>misionary purposes under the idea
>they are civilizing savages.


>10)Using fear of eternal damnation to
>ensure faith as opposed to
>spiritual enlightenment.

true of many, many sects. I'd like to hear exceptions to this. PLEASE RESPOND, Y'ALL

>11)Having no basis to the natural
>world. How can a way
>of life be completely bankrupt
>of science the study of

Interesting viewpoint. I have no response yet to that.