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Topic subjectThere is NO FEAR, ILL!
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21639, There is NO FEAR, ILL!
Posted by nushooz, Mon Sep-11-00 05:54 AM
However, I will concede to this (just as I said earlier but you chose not to respond) People have done some down right nasty things in the name of Christianity BUT YOU have done things just a dastardly in the name of that same posturing that your ally accused us Christians of. And once again Ill, what if I say: Ill everything that you have said is correct" THEN WHAT?????? Should I abadon everything that I beleive cuz you said so? What, Ill? What???

ANSWER MY QUESTIONS.... What is your objective? Is it just to point out all the things that Christianity has been used for? What's next Buddism, Catholicism, THE BOARDS??????
"Stand up and let me question you like a man"


I,I, I Can't Wait!