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21636, Some thoughts
Posted by janey, Mon Sep-11-00 04:47 AM
Frankly, it's a little bit difficult for me to participate meaningfully in this discussion. I had sort of hoped that I could remind Illosopher of comments that I had made to his thread a few weeks ago called "Religion is Wack" -- comments that I took a lot of time over in order to make myself clear and to express my opinions as inclusively as possible, and comments to which he never responded. I see this same post going up every now and then and despite your contention that the purpose of all of this is to get into intellectual and creative argument/discussion, I haven't had the impression that Ill was really even reviewing anything that I had to say.

I find it frustrating, because after these experiences, I'm inclined to believe that the real message behind this thread is obscured by the specific factual issue being bandied about. The question of whether or not Christianity is wholly bad or should be abolished seems secondary to the question of whether everyone should think and act like you and Ill.

I know that sounds harsh, but are we really looking for discussion that leads to some kind of resolution, even if it's an agreement to disagree, if the same topics keep being raised by the same people in the same way over and over?