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Topic subjectBut that's it!
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21633, But that's it!
Posted by nushooz, Wed Sep-06-00 09:50 AM
I ain got to see things through your eyes - to include Christianity....

Let me make sure I understand you - from my "triflin' AND ridiculous" point of view (sarcasm - there is no sarcasm icon....)

>There's nothing more insulting to humanity
>than inviting someone into a
>discussion and them demonstrating their
>inability to participate.
Was this really an invitation? It seemed more like a witch hunt, inquisition, etc....

>Y'all volunteered to discuss this post.
> If you can't handle it... then bounce.
Now, you're right about that.

>Because you only embarass yourselves.
In the eye of the beholder.....

>I've read these responses without comment.
Now is that trifling and ridiculous?

> And without fail, I watch the same trifling and
>ridiculous behavior result. We can all play big when we're hiding behind computer screens, dinner tables, and 30 years of life "yo, I know what's up" don't you dare question me.

Naw, I ain playin big. Are you? Whose hiding? To hide would have been to not comment at all... Like you were doing.

>BUT the fact remains that there
>has scarce been a contribution
>to these discussions.
Is there a word missing here? I wanna understand you completely - especially if you're labeling me trifling and ridiculous...

>Because they're dominated by foolish frustrated
>cats who aren't interested in
>asking questions or exploring--WHICH IS
I don't see that as what Ill has done. I see accusations and a one sided history treatise. You see when somebody is put on trial, there is an assumption that something wrong has been done. Then there is no disucssion just proof and judgement. Who's the judge, anyway? Me? You? Ill? Who? My point is that we all are - judgers of our own beleifs.

>I run forums quite similar to the spirit of OkayPlayer up to three times a week, going on two years.

So does this QUALIFY you as the judge? Tell me that you've been a Christian or a Muslim or a Buddist...the "discussion" is about Christianity.

>Why? Because I represent knowledge and inquisitive style.
Says, you? You have no more right to this than I do to my Christianity.

>There's nothing more annoying than people
>who sit in the back, yell some stupid shit to
>their "buddies" to make themselves feel more secure in whatever they happen to be a
>part of that is being questioned.
I was a Christian before Okay Player and don't see a need for you or anybody else to quantify or qualify that. But I'll tell you what is annoying: People making global assessments with local information.

>It's pathetic posturing. It's tired,
>trifling, PREDICTABLE nonsense that's like
>watching a bad demonstration video
>to train child psychologists.
Global: Local

You know, I asked Ill a question and so did someone else....what would Ill have us do? Abandon our Christianity? Would his "prolific" posturing be over if we did? What yeilds is he expecting from calling Christians out?
>LESSON ONE throught "Lesson five" ???

Question YOURSELF.


I,I, I Can't Wait!