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21623, Why??
Posted by nushooz, Wed Sep-06-00 04:57 AM
Religion and/or Spirituality practice/belief is a VERY personal decision. And the way that I practice this religion - Christianity - IS NOT what you've laid out here.

You see, Ill, my faith allows me the peace that your ally spoke of that his mother had. My beleif in God allows my heart to bleed for you as someone who feels that Christianity even needs to be on trial. The blood of Jesus covers me and keeps me safe - allowing me to be bold in my fights against the evil one. I ain laying down for nobody.

I am a woman who has seen other women rise to the ranks of men in my faith.

I have seen people's Christian beleifs to keep them strong and from giving up.

I am a fighter who fights every day that war of principalities and for what's right. This is the religion of Dr. King and the origin of the same Bible that Malcolm read along side his Koran. Faith is what enabled Ghandi.

And it doesn't really matter to us - Christians - rather or not you approve or not. So, even if we say "yeah, Ill, you're so right" we are not going abandon what we beleive.

Why do you continue in your antognonistic attempts? Why must we beleive what you beleive?
What? Why we gotta decrease so you can increase?

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