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Topic subjectRE: Order in the court,Christianity on Trial!
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21622, RE: Order in the court,Christianity on Trial!
Posted by presyzion, Wed Sep-06-00 04:33 AM
To simply say that I disagree with what you said is beyond an understatement. Too many times people accuse Christians as putting themselves above others, or using fear as a tactic to believe in what we believe in. Any "true" (i say true because yes, there are Christians out there that fit some of the problems that you mentioned) Christian is only trying to enlighten others into what we believe. I am a Christian...and I never have tried to force my beliefs on anyone. You can only teach to those who want to be taught, or talk to those who want to listen. If you don't want to listen, shoot, feel free not to. I believe in what I believe in for a reason...it is truth for me. Being a Christian does not make me perfect, nor anyone else, and people that don't understand need to get more educated and learn for themselves.

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