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21611, how nice..
Posted by BooDaah, Wed Sep-06-00 06:20 AM
>I have to throw my cards
>down and say, I know
>many a good christian but
>on a level of organised
>religion, I can't find fault
>with any of illosopher's charges.

compared to what? again, people are people. it's a sad thing to say, but many are calling themselves ""christain " without any real understanding of what it means to be "Christlike". Look again at his charges. Slip Black or white or Jew or Japenese or whatever where it says Chistian and the same will still hold to some degree. so again, what point is being made? christains aren't perfect? who said they were? and the leap he seems to be making is: Christians aren't perfect, so christianity is false and that is faulty.

>religious folk here are prolly sick
>of defending your faiths, and
>feel you shouldn't have to.

actually, christians are supposed to be willing to defend their faith to those with questions. but (as I've pointed out) we instructed to avoid arguing for the sake of arguement. if he asked: "why do you beieve what you do" in an effort to learn something it would be different, instead he seems to be saying saying: "these christians are foolish sheep, look at all the damage they've caused. but I'm smarter than that. watch me show you"

>but I don't think illosopher's
>intentions are to come here
>and stir up sht,

well then i wish you or he(?) could enlighten us, because with him spinning all over the place it's hard to get a bead on his point.

>I feel like the questions are

what questions? i see statements/accusations, am i missing something (i very well could be).

>because it's many a
>christian that simply doesn't know
>any different, common religious defense
>being 'well, it works for

but my question is: why is that wrong, if that's their opinion? who is to say that the path they have chosen for themselves is "wrong"? now if one is attempting to explain and has no sound basis then they're faulty, but no one here brought this up, he did. i could dance with ill from now until. we could go back and forth, but to what end? i'm not gonna stop following Christ and follow illosophers "gospel", and he(?) seems quite intent on staying with histrain of thought, so ultimately whats the point?

>question is, does

that's a good question. a better qustion is: who am i to tell him that it isn't?

>we're beyond that stage, as a
>civilization, where you can present
>a set of rules to
>follow and respond to any
>reservations with because He said

who is He? God? beyond a "stage" in terms of how we relate to God? a key ingredient of ANY faith is ultimately gonna be summed up in those very words "because He/she/it said so". if you don't beleieve that they did then you gotta roll with whatever you decide. that is the choice that you're given.

>it worked for them.

this would spark a whole different discussion (which i alluded to in a previous response to illosopher). what's wrong with doing a thing that has worked? does every lesson need to be relearned?

>I have to explain you prolly
>wouldn't understand.

who here said that? the question here has mostly been: do you REALLY want to know? he can be told, but if he's not gonna listen why waste the breath?

>just seeking simple clarity here
>and it would be cool
>if somebody with the knowledge/conviction
>could go indepth on some
>of those indictments or claim
>some of the blame.

consider the "blame claimed". there have been a whole lot of christians who have done some foul things (including me), but just like my actions do not relect all of Black people neither to the bad actions of christains reflect directly upon the faith. if you have problems with the faith itself then say them, but if you have problems with the followers the only answer you're gonna get is people are people.

>I guess I've always wanted
>some of what she had,
>but it never happened. so
>here I am.

what did you do to get it? did you ask her? i'd love to continue, but i'd hate to jack this post.
again, if there are questions, ask them.
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