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Posted by janey, Wed Sep-06-00 06:18 AM
I also think that most religions (Christianity included, but not exclusively Christianity) are supposed to help people uplift themselves. So the people in the religion are certainly going to be sinners, or foul, or unskillful or however we want to put it, because they're not perfect yet. But ideally, they've committed to increasing their goodness.

Also, with respect to people unquestioningly following any line of doctrine -- asking questions of you isn't being defensive, because you yourself say that people should question. And I note in another post that you have, apparently without question, followed the religious preference of your parents. So that's kind of interesting to me.

You're basically trying to get us all to agree with you and follow your way of thinking. Won't that lead to abuse, too? Won't we start persecuting people who are steadfast in their Christian beliefs? Because you certainly attack the religion, I can see that your followers would be happy to burn Christians at the stake, or whatever.

People are people.