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Topic subjecta few questions 4 u
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21607, a few questions 4 u
Posted by BooDaah, Wed Sep-06-00 05:56 AM
>What is the purpose of faith
>if the followers are foul.

what good is a car if folk get in accidents? what good is living if all you're gonna do is die anyway? why take a drink if you're just gonna have to pee? what good are people if all we do is maim, kill, destroy, and sacrifice each other? you can't possibly not see that just because religion has no value in your life (so you seem to imply), that it might in others. while i will readily agree that there are foul christians (as well as athiests, muslims, buddists, and whatever else), I know that spirituality has been a major source of inspiration, insight, action, and togetherness for black people. and i cram to understand how you can rant and rave and not see that you're being the very thing you're supposedly arguing against (divisive, closed minded, judgemental, and arguementative). no one here has said: you better be this or that. no one here has called YOU foolish. believe what you like. it's my responsibility to pick my own path and roll with it, just like you. i can point you to where i'm trying to go, but if you decide to go another way, then that's on you. you've vacillated all over the place. first it was religion in general, then it was "western" christianity, now it's back to christianity as a whole. and for what? if you have information you want to share, share it. but you don't want to discuss in an effort to find common ground/goals or with the possibility that you might learn something. you've decided you're right and want to dance in an effort to show your superiority. i (and others) have said we'll pass, so just say what you want to say, and anyone who wants to refute will I'm sure, but all this soapboxing is tired.

>Blaze your own trail and
>find your own way.

exactly what has been said already by everybody. is this your ultimate point? the BIBLE says to do that very thing (study and show thyself approved).

>The easy road is one of
>convenience, the hard road is
>one travelled by the innovator
>seeking his own truth not
>one given to him.

you say it's easy, i say there is a certain amount of wisdom in not fighting battles that have already been fought. example: fire burns. your parents say "don't stick your hand in there, you get burned." what do you do? test it in the name of innovation? wisdom comes from knowing which battles to fight.

>I do as the prophets have
>done, find my own way
>as question the way of
>nature and myself as well
>as others, like Moses in
>the presence of Pharoah, Jesus
>turning over tables in the
>Synogogue, Lao Tzu in the
>presence of the Gatekeeper.

this is where you get on a slipper slope. you mention Moses and Jesus, from where do you get that information? why did you believe that that source was truthful? what else did that source have to say about those individuals? what have you chosen to ignore about their teachings? both of those individuals had a whole lot to say in regards to following God? What was the basis and ultimate goal of both of their teachings and "prophesies"? If you don't believe in what they had to say (or choose to ignore rather large chunks of it), then why use them as inspiration? this is why i say you're all over the place. you seem to be talking out of both sides of your mouth.

>I choose to write the next
>chapter in the gospels of
>man as opposed to dwelling
>on the wisdom, i apply
>it, and yes i may
>be confrontational but the way
>is never polite.

writing the next chapter by the authority of whom? yours? gospel of man? what IS that exactly? you choose not to dwell on the wisdom huh? how can you act without understanding? as far as being confrontational, didn't Jesus (one of those "prophets" you mentioned earlier) mention teaching with love and respect?

>You people
>must be ye of little
>faith, you get so defensive
>when someone challenges your ideals...

"we people" aren't being defensive, we just realize the futility of "throwing pearls to pigs".

>The Way isn't always poilte...

Apparently yours isn't. So if you're bent on being IMPOLITE why bother arguing with you?

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