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21606, RE: 2 timothy 2:14-26
Posted by illosopher, Tue Sep-05-00 08:33 PM
What is the purpose of faith if the followers are foul. Blaze your own trail and find your own way. The easy road is one of convenience, the hard road is one travelled by the innovator seeking his own truth not one given to him. I do as the prophets have done, find my own way as question the way of nature and myself as well as others, like Moses in the presence of Pharoah, Jesus turning over tables in the Synogogue, Lao Tzu in the presence of the Gatekeeper. I choose to write the next chapter in the gospels of man as opposed to dwelling on the wisdom, i apply it, and yes i may be confrontational but the way is never polite. You people must be ye of little faith, you get so defensive when someone challenges your ideals...

The Way isn't always poilte...