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Topic subjectOrder in the court,Christianity on Trial!
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21600, Order in the court,Christianity on Trial!
Posted by illosopher, Tue Sep-05-00 01:13 PM
I the Illosopher charge the Dogma known as Christianity guilty of the following crimes:
1)Not representing the true teachings of the Prophet Jesus

2)Being a vehicle to enslave and pacify millions of Africas in the Western hemispere

3)Being a vehicle to pacify, colonize, and westernize non-white people throughout the globe, with no respect for indegenous cultures and religions.

4)Being sexist an exclusionary to women from the Genesis fairy tale to prohibition of women in leadership roles of the clergy, as well as presenting God as a male figure.

5)Being a tool to rationalize servitude in the fuedal and slavery epochs.

6)Being a tool to supress revolutionary practices, by promising a better afterlife while one suffers through this one, thereby selling desparate people a bag of dope oh! i mean hope.

7)Being a tool to keep people from finding strength in one self, but to find strenghth in a mystery God in the sky that will make everything OK, thereby creating a focus on the external as opposed to the internal (i.e. superficiality).

8)Being a accomplice in the underdevelopment of the non-western world.

9)Being racist and ethno-centrist in the forced conversion of non-white peoples, in the name of so-called misionary purposes under the idea they are civilizing savages.

10)Using fear of eternal damnation to ensure faith as opposed to spiritual enlightenment.

11)Having no basis to the natural world. How can a way of life be completely bankrupt of science the study of life?

opening arguments may now begin please state whether you are prosecuting Christanity or defending it by stating yourself as a prosecuting or defending attorney (or neutral party) we shall let the people decide if Christianity is guilty of these heinous crimes...