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Topic subjectMeat Shmeat
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21371, Meat Shmeat
Posted by guest, Wed Sep-13-00 09:19 AM
On the real, meat is not even my point. Janey was on with the metaphor thing. I think eating healthy is a matter of personal preference, and cheap food is always going to be something people want. BUT why does a place like McDonald's or Microsoft have to exist? Because in America it is the only way we can view success. McDonald's whoever owns it, could have stopped years ago, and still be sitting pretty, Gates could have easily not created a monopoly and still put his kids through college, but in America, the American Way states that we are not happy until we get on our hands on everything we can get! And despite the fact that some of call ourselves revolutionaries, liberals, or whatever the hell it is, we still go to eat at McDonald's. Take Washington DC for example. I am not arguing for healthy food, I am arguing for Quality (that capital Q is important- meaning care for the food, the people around you, and essentially business as community). On the Howard University Campus there is the most prolific stretch of fast food eating in almost all of the world. The McDonalds there is one of the highest volume eateries in the world. Wilson's is like three blocks away. You can get the same artery blocking loving there, for the same price, and why not? Florida Avenue Grill, Ben's Chili Bowl, and a host of other places. The three I've named are popular places, lucky to have lasted as long as they have, and now institutions, buyt it is nearly impossible, for anyone new to enter the market. WHY??? Challenge the way you eat, challenge the way you think, challenge the way everyone lives....