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Topic subjectwhy not outlaw meat
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21370, why not outlaw meat
Posted by k_orr, Wed Sep-13-00 04:40 AM

>So, here's a question: Is
>it better to have the
>option to purchase low-quality food
>at a low price?
>Or would we be better
>off if we were to
>shut all the low-quality/low-priced places

Even high quality well cooked meat ain't good for you, (at least not in comparison to a vegetarian diet). We could then free up those resources to plant more healthy foods. Maybe even eliminate the need for fertilizer and pesticides with the reclaimed land. Further more this return to a more natural way of farming would stave off erosion and deforestation.

But on the flip there is nothing I like better than burger off the bbq grill.(hardwood charcoal + flavor chips for my Weber peeps).

k. orr