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Topic subjectI feel ya
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21369, I feel ya
Posted by janey, Tue Sep-12-00 12:51 PM
In the district where I work, there are a gazillion hamburger places. The ones that prepare food to order, give you a good size sandwich, and do a decent job with the preparation are all a few dollars more than McDonalds.

So, here's a question: Is it better to have the option to purchase low-quality food at a low price? Or would we be better off if we were to shut all the low-quality/low-priced places down? Clearly, the most economically efficient way to deal with lunch is to pack and carry your own. McDonalds would go out of business really fast if everyone packed their own lunch. It seems to me that they're just filling a need expressed by a lot of people. So should we somehow exert pressure on people to pack a healthy lunch at a low price?

And isn't that the traditional complaint against the Democrats -- that Democrats tend to enact legislation to save people from themselves?