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Topic subjectRE: Ronald McDonald is Satan
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21362, RE: Ronald McDonald is Satan
Posted by janey, Tue Sep-12-00 08:53 AM
I think that we have two choices if we want to make a change from low-quality, low-priced fast food chains to high-quality (presumably higher priced) fast food chains.

The first choice is to boycott establishments that you believe are not serving your interests. Boycott is a very strong tool. No matter how cheaply the hamburgers are produced, if not enough people buy them, eventually the corporation will go out of business or change the product.

The second choice is to change the economic structure of the country. I actually think that this is the harder of the two choices, because it requires everyone to agree on what it should be changed to and the first choice only requires that people agree on what they dislike.

I'm so lame that I don't know how to create links to other threads, but if you look in the archives, there's a thread that AfricanHerbsman started called "Good Greed" that discusses many of the issues surrounding the corporate form and the impetus behind the profit motive.