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Topic subjectRonald McDonald is Satan
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21361, Ronald McDonald is Satan
Posted by guest, Tue Sep-12-00 08:43 AM
At least i think so. Why do we eat fast food? I have thought long and hard and see fast food, and th geral American way of production as nothing but detrimental to our society. We pretend to be surprised that some people don't care about those around them, but how can we be surprised when the businesses we support claim to do nothing but grow larger at the cost of quality?? Is anyone feeling me? Anyone disagree?
21362, RE: Ronald McDonald is Satan
Posted by janey, Tue Sep-12-00 08:53 AM
I think that we have two choices if we want to make a change from low-quality, low-priced fast food chains to high-quality (presumably higher priced) fast food chains.

The first choice is to boycott establishments that you believe are not serving your interests. Boycott is a very strong tool. No matter how cheaply the hamburgers are produced, if not enough people buy them, eventually the corporation will go out of business or change the product.

The second choice is to change the economic structure of the country. I actually think that this is the harder of the two choices, because it requires everyone to agree on what it should be changed to and the first choice only requires that people agree on what they dislike.

I'm so lame that I don't know how to create links to other threads, but if you look in the archives, there's a thread that AfricanHerbsman started called "Good Greed" that discusses many of the issues surrounding the corporate form and the impetus behind the profit motive.

21363, I FEEL your flow
Posted by guest, Tue Sep-12-00 11:13 AM
"Satan", of course, will excite too-literal of Christians (much love, but don't get exited)
--especially if they like McDonald's, but i understand your METAPHOR

Not only is McDonald's McMurder, torture and filthy conditions of industrially raised cows & chickens infected with their own blood & pus (i'm serious, do some research)

and forget sweatshop toys

and forget eating meat in general when 9 pounds of grain produce one pound of eatable meat

and forget the whole twisted socialization and propaganda of using a clown to manipulate children (what if Camel cigarettes had a clown... did you read Stephen King's It?)

and forget the whole scary, all-too-bright colors thing which suggests a devlish, terrifying atmosphere of twisted brainwashing and sterility


The purpose of McDonald's is to take over the world of food--this is reality, that's the purpose of any hard-core business, but McDonald's goes out of their way to conquer the world, and children (like Disney) and McDonald's is the REAL reason for the fall of the soviet union...

If McDonald's has their way, we will no longer say "what do i want to eat tonight"

but rather "what number valu-meal do i want tonight"

Life is not a multiple choice test.
Promote democracy. Reject McDonalds

If there's nothing else that Okay Players can agree on, it should be that


I promise to convince the most traditionalist conservative on this board to end their McDonald's days.

It such a person exists, e-mail me ASAP, for your understanding of McDonald's is URGENT. I'll even call your house.

21364, are you...
Posted by BooDaah, Tue Sep-12-00 11:22 AM
...one of those folk who stand out on venice beach with the pictures of mutilated cows and ronald-mcdonald-devil pictures?

you sound like you SERIOUSLY got a problem with grimace n' them.

personally i think microsoft is worse.

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21365, Grimace had 6 arms originally, n/m
Posted by Restlesspoet, Thu Sep-14-00 12:07 PM
"N----- say im nice with metaphors but these is similies."

"I'm like a thief in the night, I steal, I don't get stole on."

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21366, y'all just...
Posted by BooDaah, Thu Sep-14-00 01:05 PM
refuse to let me retain any positive childhood memories huh? :-)

a reformed fryguy
21367, I thought
Posted by janey, Tue Sep-12-00 11:35 AM
I thought that the McDonald's reference and in fact the fast food reference in its entirety was metaphorical for corporate waste and low-quality product.

21368, All about $$$$$
Posted by J_Sun, Tue Sep-12-00 12:39 PM
Anyone who eats McDonald's knows their shit is bad for you, so are most fast food joints. It comes down to money, it costs more to eat better. Due to a new job last year, I've been eating out for lunch every day, so I usually end up eating fast food and I've paid the price by gaining 30 pounds. The problem is it costs to eat healthy. Even at McD's the Grilled Chicken sandwich meal is a dollar more than the Big Mac meal, so which is more appealing to someone on a buget??? It's hard to be healthy in this preprocessed prepackaged society, you can do it, but it costs more money.
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21369, I feel ya
Posted by janey, Tue Sep-12-00 12:51 PM
In the district where I work, there are a gazillion hamburger places. The ones that prepare food to order, give you a good size sandwich, and do a decent job with the preparation are all a few dollars more than McDonalds.

So, here's a question: Is it better to have the option to purchase low-quality food at a low price? Or would we be better off if we were to shut all the low-quality/low-priced places down? Clearly, the most economically efficient way to deal with lunch is to pack and carry your own. McDonalds would go out of business really fast if everyone packed their own lunch. It seems to me that they're just filling a need expressed by a lot of people. So should we somehow exert pressure on people to pack a healthy lunch at a low price?

And isn't that the traditional complaint against the Democrats -- that Democrats tend to enact legislation to save people from themselves?

21370, why not outlaw meat
Posted by k_orr, Wed Sep-13-00 04:40 AM

>So, here's a question: Is
>it better to have the
>option to purchase low-quality food
>at a low price?
>Or would we be better
>off if we were to
>shut all the low-quality/low-priced places

Even high quality well cooked meat ain't good for you, (at least not in comparison to a vegetarian diet). We could then free up those resources to plant more healthy foods. Maybe even eliminate the need for fertilizer and pesticides with the reclaimed land. Further more this return to a more natural way of farming would stave off erosion and deforestation.

But on the flip there is nothing I like better than burger off the bbq grill.(hardwood charcoal + flavor chips for my Weber peeps).

k. orr
21371, Meat Shmeat
Posted by guest, Wed Sep-13-00 09:19 AM
On the real, meat is not even my point. Janey was on with the metaphor thing. I think eating healthy is a matter of personal preference, and cheap food is always going to be something people want. BUT why does a place like McDonald's or Microsoft have to exist? Because in America it is the only way we can view success. McDonald's whoever owns it, could have stopped years ago, and still be sitting pretty, Gates could have easily not created a monopoly and still put his kids through college, but in America, the American Way states that we are not happy until we get on our hands on everything we can get! And despite the fact that some of call ourselves revolutionaries, liberals, or whatever the hell it is, we still go to eat at McDonald's. Take Washington DC for example. I am not arguing for healthy food, I am arguing for Quality (that capital Q is important- meaning care for the food, the people around you, and essentially business as community). On the Howard University Campus there is the most prolific stretch of fast food eating in almost all of the world. The McDonalds there is one of the highest volume eateries in the world. Wilson's is like three blocks away. You can get the same artery blocking loving there, for the same price, and why not? Florida Avenue Grill, Ben's Chili Bowl, and a host of other places. The three I've named are popular places, lucky to have lasted as long as they have, and now institutions, buyt it is nearly impossible, for anyone new to enter the market. WHY??? Challenge the way you eat, challenge the way you think, challenge the way everyone lives....
21372, Quality
Posted by janey, Wed Sep-13-00 11:29 AM
I understand that you're arguing for Quality, but still the question stands: Is it better to prevent low-quality, low-priced goods from going on the market in the first place thereby keeping them out of the hands of the poor, or is it better to have a free market that provides for a wide range of products, from low-quality, low-priced to high-quality, high-priced?

Isn't it worse in the long run to prevent people from having access to something like what they want even if it's a cheap substitute for the real thing? There are Revo sunglasses you buy in a store for $250, and there are sunglasses that look like Revos but don't have the high quality production values or lenses that the $250 ones do -- but the ones on the street cost $5. Should the $5 glasses be outlawed (not taking into account trademark issues for this analogy) just because they're poor quality?

Among other things, even though you and I might be able to spot fake Fubu a mile away or a fake Chanel bag or whatever, by outlawing the cheap rip off, wouldn't you be intensifying class boundaries?

21373, RE: Quality
Posted by guest, Thu Sep-14-00 07:06 AM
Good point. And I don't think we disagree. I am not saying that we should only buy high end stuff. I am saying that we should all be more conscious of where we throw our money, and perhaps take more care to throw it at places that throw it right back. Be it real Fubu or cuz on the corner who's going to spend it raising his kids in your neighborhood school
21374, Agreed
Posted by janey, Thu Sep-14-00 07:20 AM
I think you're right -- it's a really good policy to know the practices of any commercial establishment that you support with your money. This is as true as saying, "It's a good idea to know the agenda of the person you're going to vote for."

Every day, there are more and more socially conscious ways of spending our money and investing our money. I just read the other day that there are four different mutual funds that invest in a method that meets the standards of the Koran -- so, Muslim mutual funds -- which have a total of $49 million invested in them. This shouldn't have been a surprise to me, but it was. Every time another person raises his or her standards or integrity, the business world has to raise its standards just that much more. Every person does make a difference.

21375, amen
Posted by guest, Thu Sep-14-00 11:53 AM
and f a McDonalds
21376, RE: Ronald McDonald is Satan
Posted by Brownsugar, Wed Sep-13-00 11:48 AM
We live in a very fast-pace world today. I stop and at McDonalds, occasionally and be happy to do so. If people would prepare more meals at home...McDonalds would go out of business!!!
21377, One, two.....
Posted by colourboy, Sat Sep-16-00 03:40 AM
Yes I believe fast food and especially cow and pig meat is a weapon of war. But so is alchol. So I mean to call it the devil is a little deep. But on their business sides of things some mc d's are beyond horrible, almost like a freakin sweat shop. People get no respect, that word doesn't even exist in there objective. But yes the thought of eating cow or pig again just gets me sick. And especially to know how they prepare is just the tippin of the iceberg.