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Topic subjectwhy don't we teach?
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21276, why don't we teach?
Posted by azucar18, Tue Sep-19-00 04:59 PM
this post is inspired by the dead prez thread. there's a discussion about black children being taught by black educators and attending black (or "minority") operated schools. so the question is this:

where will we get the teachers?

i am in grad school, and i'm studying elementary education. i have yet to meet another latino in my program. so far i've met 3 black students and a few asians. only one is not an international student. when i was in undergrad, i never met any asians studying education, and i only knew one black person and 2 latinas who were education majors. in both schools, while we were not the majority, there were certainly significant amounts of non-caucasian students. now, i can't tell from my current school since i don't know a lot of people, but in my old school it seemed as if the majority of black and latino students were business majors.

so how can we complain about there not being enough black/latino/asian teachers when not enough of us are studying to become teachers? why aren't there more of us in the education field? is it because teaching won't make one a millionaire? too stressful? too many hurdles? we collectively hate children? what's the problem?


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