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Topic subjectSeperation from status quo
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21273, Seperation from status quo
Posted by el_rey, Wed Sep-27-00 03:15 AM

>I can't
>bring myself to believe that
>the current social conditions are
>beneficial to a healthy black

They're most certainly not! But then again, they're not beneficial for a healthy psyche for ANYONE! (so-called "white" people as well). White supremacy cripples us all and needs to be destroyed by all justice-loving people.

>The things I
>presented (schools, business, land ownership)
>are some of the basic
>necessities of contemporary existence.
>For blacks to obtain these
>things on a mass scale
>can only be helpful to
>a community. To obtain
>these things on a mass
>scale would require a FOCUSED
>agenda - a sort of
>mental SEPARATION from the status

Absolutely: a separation from THE STATUS QUO! I think you are somewhat correctly associating the Status Quo (white supremacy) with the "white" individuals who perpetuate it, but I still believe that nothing substantial can be done until a radical colaition of ALL people pose a serious threat to the status quo, and consciously do the WORK to step outside the limiting and brutal conventions of the Eurocentric paradigm.

Will this happen anytime soon? Very doubtful. "White" people (and many people of color for that matter) are too caught up in perpetuating the status quo to pose a real challange to it. But as a radical Anglo-American, I have to believe it is possible. Perhaps it's blind hope, but I'd rather hope and continue doing the hard work of decolonizing myself than waiting for the revolution to happen around me.

love and respect,
El Rey


Sure it's old news, but it can never be said enough: ""Dundee" was originally used to refer to the texture of certain fabrics. If an article was made of vintage leather, raw denim, canvas, hemp, rough linen or cotton, it had the potential to be classified as some "Dundee" or rugged shit. It comes from Crocodile Dundee but it ain't got nuffin' to do with Paul Hoagan. It's more about a lifestyle now. It's about doing what you gotta do to survive in the wilderness. It's about the balance between total control and wreckless abandon. The Dundee approach to life is adventure. It's about taming this beast of a world and the apparel needed to do so." - Black Thought