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Topic subjectRE: elitism?
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21271, RE: elitism?
Posted by el_rey, Tue Sep-26-00 05:52 AM
>Some don't see anything wrong
>with the current conditions.
>Those are the people who
>can't "grasp" the concept of
>business ownership, or controlling our
>school curriculum, or pride in
>your own heritage for that

But are these things necessarily restricted to being confined within a particular ethnic group? I won't lie, I think that white people aren't at all up for the hard work involved in decolonizing themselves to the point where they can have honest and uncluttered human relationships with the people they've dominated over for hundreds of years. But ... I'VE HEARD IT'S POSSIBLE. I just heard of a multi-ethnic group (mostly black and white) that traveled the Middle Passage together as a sort of healing process. They seemed very clear that they were going to be brutally honest with each other in terms of what came up for them along the trip. To me, this says that their are actually people that are willing to TAKE THE RISK of healing racism's wounds and not just running from them. I'm not (completely) saying that seperatism is running from anything, but I do think that what you've spoken of here (controll of schools/ideology, businesses, etc.) can be done across the strictb boundaries that have divided us for so long. In fact, I believe that freedom can ONLY come from this inter-relation and WORK.

Like I said in my earlier post: we need to put away our fears and control games, and DO THE WORK of learning each other's languages and histories. We need to understand that these histories -- and thus our very identities and lives -- are completely intertwined. We need each other if we're going to make any progress.

love and respect,
El Rey