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Topic subjectRE: elitism?
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21270, RE: elitism?
Posted by k_orr, Mon Sep-25-00 01:29 PM
>didn't mean for it to come
>out like that.
>Some people think we've "gotten over
>the hump", that's all.
>Some don't see anything wrong
>with the current conditions.
>Those are the people who
>can't "grasp" the concept of
>business ownership, or controlling our
>school curriculum, or pride in
>your own heritage for that

I feel that for sure. But no doubt some people have gotten over the intellectual hump, but the myriad institutional factors hold them back.

>As for me being an elitist?
> Hmmmmm... maybe a little

I don't get it. It's okay to be an elitist?

Maybe I'm slow, but isn't the problem with current movements for unity is that we have elitists?

k. orr