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Posted by guest, Mon Sep-25-00 10:54 AM
First off, thanks to everyone for the insight as to why you don't think separatism is a viable option. It was really interesting reading some of the threads.

Some people seem to think that when a people separate, they lose their capacity to make choices. I never intended a "mandatory sentence" for "all black people" to join a separatist group. Simply, if you feel you'll benefit from it then fine. If not? that's your choice to stay where you are.

I didn't really want to get into details about my ideas on separatism. I do however believe it is something that may be beyond the average persons grasp. This is only because there are not many people who share my ideas.

There are some groups in this country that I would consider separatist. These people own and operate their own schools. Develop their own curriculum, and own and operate the businesses in their communities. Personally, I feel this is necessary in the black community. Our efforts need to be focused upon common goals, and common agendas. I mean, what is black peoples agenda anyway?

Like I said before, the responses are cool. Since no one (maybe one) has said anything about it, I guess I'm not being a racist huh?