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Topic subjectRE: Does separatism=racism?
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21264, RE: Does separatism=racism?
Posted by Hot_Damali, Mon Sep-25-00 08:47 AM

I just believe
>that we all need to
>concentrate on healing ourselves before
>we can deal with others.

I get where you're coming from but this logic is flawed. Healing and self-discovery/elevation is a life-long process...it's never finished...so when does the dealing with others come in? You will never be a finished product until you die. All human beings have the capacity to concentrate on self AND help others at the same time...it's called multi-tasking :-) Our brains are limitless...

If that's not possible than how is it that I could breastfeed my infant, talk on the phone and cook dinner all at the same time :-)


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