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Topic subjectRE: How is seperatism possible?
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21263, RE: How is seperatism possible?
Posted by guest, Mon Sep-25-00 08:41 AM
in theory, it is all nice and good to withdraw into the self, before approach the world

Mohammed withdrew into the desert to regain strength

this is true.

However, beyond the self--the individual, this is not possible

this is not reality

because in our world, we cannot cut the land-space into equal squares, and put these cats here and these cats there as it applies to "ethnicity"

i disagree with you there

furthermore, the only way we make progressions, or expand each other is through interaction--this is a human reality proved every moment of every day.

What gets a white supremacist to chill other than hangin' with some cats 24-7, what gets a 50 year old racist to chill other than hangin' with cats at work, or his neighbors or whatever.

This is just reality. Interaction = representation

Now if you're talking a different kind of separatism--as in all the people who are down ideologically, get together, move somewhere, say milwaukee, or wherever and create a great society together.

then that's what's up

but that has nothing to do with ethnicity, ancestry or genetics. That's about what's in the heart.