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Topic subjectRE: How is seperatism possible?
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21262, RE: How is seperatism possible?
Posted by guest, Fri Sep-22-00 07:27 PM
More than trying to address the last post I am kinda just saying my peice on the whole thing. I am 1/2 white. In the context of the last post, where does that put me? This country is quite integrated & to try & gain independence from within it would not only weaken its structure politcally/ economically/ socially by drawing a line right down middle, but it would cause alack of union, which, by the way, started the civil war. You make yourself very vulnerable & who wouldn't love to takea shot at america? Japan? Russia? CHINA?!? Those fools are ready for war on more than a militaary level. Right now is the worst possible time to make a move like that. Besides all that mess, isn't it about who makes good dicisions on an individual basis that determines the overall result nationally... globally? To me, everything is an issue of the ability for humans to make right decisions in life in order to affect the world for its total betterment. Here is the problem: POWER CORRUPTS. That is why the most powerful groups, wether they be political, economic or otherwise, are also the most corrupt. I'm not saying ALL, but the majority. Every empire in history has been corrupted. Why? That is who we are as humans. The reason I am on this tangent for anyone I may have confused is because to separate yourself is to claim sovreignty of your state & your affairs. You do this & you will eventually see the same thing happen to your state or empire that happened to Rome, Egypt, Greece, Macedonians, &, if you read the Bible, Israel, Babylon... on & on & on. America will not stand forever either. And its reign will be even shorter if it is divided by people who arrogantly feel they can just step out of the "man" suit & begin a perfect society or even a stronger one for that matter. I speak all of this in humbleness & hopefully some agree in wisdom. May there be PEACE.