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Topic subjectRE: that's very selfish of you
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21260, RE: that's very selfish of you
Posted by guest, Fri Sep-22-00 07:54 AM
>Seperation is a selfish act. You
>will fight for your race
>and only your race while
>others suffer.

While others suffer? How will they suffer? Please explain.

You're not like
>those white power rednecks though.
>They incite hatred. You just
>incite apathy.

Incite apathy? How? Apathy is encouraging your race to become self-sufficient? I don't understand your logic.

> I'm really not
>to sure what you plan
>to accomplish through this act
>of seperation.

Read the post again.

If you're
>just trying to seperate yourself
>from white culture, be careful.
>Realize what that truely means.

Hmmmmmm.....definately something to think about.

> I'm white but I'm
>all about killing whitey. You
>just need to know what
>it means.

I'm black and I'm NOT about killing whitey. See how alike we are.