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Topic subjectRE: we separated the issues.....
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21256, RE: we separated the issues.....
Posted by guest, Fri Sep-22-00 04:55 AM
.....segregation/isolation had/has been
>one of the most powerful
>tools of racism historically..

That's true. Especially when you're DEPENDENT on another race to provide basic neccesities. Without that dependency, there would be no basis for racism. The POWER over another race is gone. There would be hate, but active community cripling racism, nah, I doubt it.

Basically,in the spirit of the
>topic....be honest, are you socially

Socially? Yeah. As far as interpersonal relationships go Hell YES!! But as far as business relationships and things like providing food, shelter, etc. Nope. At this point it's impossible to be segregated as far as thats concerned. With work, however it might be a viable option (that is, if everyone saw it my way).

> Just HOW
>integrated are we,anyway....?

VERY! There are more aspects to life than just convenient social relationships. As stated in another post. Who provides you with running water and power? What about the clothes you wear or the car you drive? Just because you don't SEE these people doesn't mean they don't have an effect on your day to day existence.