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Topic subjectwe separated the issues.....
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21255, we separated the issues.....
Posted by StirsDsoul, Fri Sep-22-00 04:25 AM
....dissected the original question.....separatism=racism.....segregation/isolation had/has been one of the most powerful tools of racism historically..

But,you stir up an even more interesting question,internet aside, how many of us currently live a life which pretty much qualifies as socially segregation?
Ok, you have friends/co-workers of another "race" but how much do you really know about this person's culture/heritage/etc...Basically,in the spirit of the topic....be honest, are you socially segregated?
I attended the same historically college as Phrak....and I don't know if he ever stopped to think it about but we were REALLY isolated....I mean if you didn't see a white professor or faculty member on a regular basis you could go pretty much four years in a little black cocoon.

Just HOW integrated are we,anyway....?