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21250, very serious
Posted by guest, Fri Sep-22-00 06:55 AM

>Black folks know how to do
>things. I know plenty
>of educated (formal and non-formal)
>cats. But the knowledge
>is not the key.
>It is access to capital
>and resources.

Collectively, black people are not poor. Once we recongnize what resources we need we can set up a plan on how to obtain them. I'm not denying the fact that my ideas are in the minority. It's true my ideas are romantic, but so were MLK's, Malcolm X's and even to an extent Farrakhan's (and no I'm not comapring myself to them). The simple fact is that since we've obtained "equality" in this country we don't have access to the same resources as others. We don't own land, or manufacture or control any raw materials. Would we be in this position if we would've maintained an agenda that catered exclusively to our needs?

>It's not the knowledge. For
>Black Americans to create their
>own nation within a nation,
>a truly self-sufficient nation with
>the level of convenience that
>most black folks take for
>granted, is an insurmountable task.
> (at least if we
>do it from scratch).

That's true. From scratch we would have to make many sacrifices. The majority of people don't feel it's necessary to be self-sufficient. In essence I probably am being unrealistic in my perceptions (blame it on the wine).

>Your idea is romantic, but it
>hasn't been thought out, or
>thoroughly presented here.

Actually, In the initial post I was trying to determine (by asking all of you) if I was being racist by being a separatist. I admit that I'm unequipped to lay down a grand scheme to make a black nation.

>But maybe there is a movement
>within these paragraphs. Maybe
>we could do without the
>ac's and bmw's, soft cotton,
>plentiful food, et cetera.
>It is concievable that we
>relearn the technologies of old,
>and exist in a modified
>state. But the feeling
>I get when I talk
>to cats who want their
>own nation, is that they
>really want what America already
>offers them. Albeit the
>path for the colored man
>is far more arduous than
>those of the majority.

True, true...

>But until folks who want their
>own separate nations start really
>talking about what it takes
>to run your community, it's
>all just talk.

Indeed, but it has to start somewhere...agreed?