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Topic subjectRE: We are de facto separated now
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21248, RE: We are de facto separated now
Posted by guest, Fri Sep-22-00 04:14 AM
>What you are calling for is
>to turn off all the
>water and light to our
>neighborhoods and towns.

How do you obtain the knowledge to run a power company? Is it really above and beyond the abilities of black people to learn things like this? The Ancient Egyptians had a plumbing system. Not to diss but this sounds like an excuse to me.

>It's not as if black folks
>are really mixed/well represented on
>all the square acreage in
>this country. We definitely
>concentrate in some areas.
>Often poor whites, mexicans, and
>asians do not live in
>our areas.

>I don't believe in separatism.
>I do believe in Black
>business though, and steering some
>of our dollars towards employing
>our own, on our own

I hear that. I just believe black people would be more focused if we acknowledged and embraced our own communal needs first.