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Topic subjectRE: This is an issue of censorship
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21219, RE: This is an issue of censorship
Posted by k_orr, Fri Sep-29-00 03:24 AM

>4th branch? That's a new
>one to me....

It is part of the reason that we have a free press. Read some of Thomas Jefferson's, or the rest of the framers thoughts on the matter.

>You're right about the press serving
>multiple masters. However, the
>bottom line is ratings and

Both long term and short term. Many will miss out on short term ratings for the long term money. And it works vice versa also.

If they feel
>the video will cause them
>to lose sponsorship, then why
>should they view the video
>regardless? Rebellion doesn't always
>pay the bills, you know.

It never pays the bills. It threathens those whom we owe our debts too.

>Hell, what part of hip hop
>doesn't glorify drug use (figuratively

Point taken. But I think the difference is that you no longer see guns, logos, and weed in videos. But prescription cough syrup concoction in baby bottles is a horse of a different color. In terms of things that they might lose advertising revenue for, a Dead Prez video is low on the totem pole.

>Well I dunno what you do,
>but I think I can
>make those decisions on my

The decisions that you can make are often decided by others. They don't choose what you can do, the only choose your possible options. Hence the 2 party system/lesser of 2 evils that we debate constantly.

k. orr
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