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Topic subjectThis is an issue of censorship
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21217, This is an issue of censorship
Posted by k_orr, Thu Sep-28-00 10:44 AM
>This isn't an issue of censorship.

> Far as I know
>the FTC has never stepped
>in and banned the video

The Federal Trade Commission doesn't deal with Censorship. The FCC might though.

>from being shown on national
>television. BET and other
>networks have the right to
>prohibit showing the video if
>they like.

They are not under any obligation to show the video, just as ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS do not have to air the presidential debates.

but the press/media is supposed to be our 4th branch of govt. Their might be freedom of the press, but the presses are not free. In fact they are mighty expensive and serve the issues of big business more than they do the public.

Although I
>haven't seen it, nor even
>listened to the song (I
>did catch the lyrics on
>OKP here somewhere), I'm sure
>they didn't want to show
>the video or play the
>song for the simple fact
>that it might create a
>negative response in the black
>community, aka "hip hop is
>going too far".

I find that hard to believe in light of the other videos that they normally play. I mention again the Triple 6 Mafia video glorifying drug use.

>Also, one more thing. Artists
>don't decide what is popular
>among the public.

That's right, corporate America decides, by ownership of all the channels to reach the mass of people.

k. orr
my sig file doesn't take up most of my post.