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21216, Well...
Posted by guest, Sun Oct-01-00 11:37 AM
I admit, I do hear what your saying. I guess in the end,
it all boils down to opinions, mine, yours, society, and
Corporate America alike. Doesn't mean I like though. Allow me to say thank you for engaging me in this conversation. It was a pleasure. Now, on to more pressing issues to tackle...Blessings.


"Do you understand the words that are coming outta my mouth???"
-C. Tucker

Ever Wish You Could...
* Out run the moon?

* Capture a lightning bug in the palm of your hand w/o extinguishing its light?

* Run through an open field barefoot just once w/o stepping on a sand spur?

* Have an intelligent conversation with someone w/o them looking at you as if they're thinking 'Essaywhuman??'