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Topic subjectOkay...Feel Me On This One
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21214, Okay...Feel Me On This One
Posted by guest, Sat Sep-30-00 11:15 AM
"Censorship is when the government intervenes and says "hold
on, you can't show that." Therefore, we can play semantics all
day, but you conceded that private companies reserve the
right to prohibit viewing of material they deem as inappropriate
for their respective networks. Therefore, nothing else really
needs to be said about the legalities of this issue. They do it
because they want to do it. Bottom line."

**I agree with you when you say private businesses have that privilege, no doubt. It's their money, and they, of course, have that right to decide how they choose to invest it. That's not the point I'm arguing. Going back to my original question, in their eyes, I would like to know, what exactly do they deem "taking it too far". What in your eyes is "taking it too far"? I mean, true you're not the network programmer, (atleast I don't think you are)so naturally you probably can't answer this question (the former). I just find it very hypocritical that they would ban a group/video like DP's, but yet will allow women to flash themselves in the videos of others (there are 3 videos currently in rotation, that I know of). Personally, I find that more offensive than the nooses. But then again, maybe that's just me. I have my own issues with BET and their hypocrisies. By the way, the comment you made about Hip-Hop (figuratively speaking of course):

"Hell, what part of hip hop doesn't glorify drug use (figuratively speaking)?"

I think that was very stereotypical. I'm sure that there are more than a few artists, Hip-Hop artists, out there that would disagree with you on that one. But then again, it is your opinion. Blessings.


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