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Topic subjectRE: Censorship: What Exactly Is "Taking It Too Far"?
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21213, RE: Censorship: What Exactly Is "Taking It Too Far"?
Posted by Expertise, Thu Sep-28-00 06:49 PM
>** I disagree. This has everything
>to do with censorship. According
>to press release statements and
>the site, (the only area
>where the video is being
>shown)Dead Prez's video has been
>banned from ALL video outlets,
>unless they edit it. True,
>BET and MTV can prohibit
>the showing of the video
>if they want, but it's
>still censorship, no doubt.

Censorship is when the government intervenes and says "hold on, you can't show that." Therefore, we can play semantics all day, but you conceded that private companies reserve the right to prohibit viewing of material they deem as inappropriate for their respective networks. Therefore, nothing else really needs to be said about the legalities of this issue. They do it because they want to do it. Bottom line.

>** Never said artists made that
>decision. However, they can influence
>it. According to album sales
>and reviews, the public HAS
>deemed them popular. Again I
>disagree, people will not have
>a chance to see what
>they want as long as
>there is someone there to
>say "I don't think this
>is appropriate for you to
>view". That would be like
>me wanting to post my
>opinion on a subject matter,
>because I feel in some
>way it infringes on the
>right of free speech, but
>then having BooDaah come in
>and delete my post because
>he feels it may agitate
>some Players to the point
>where they might feel the
>need to do something about
>it. Same damn thing.

And Boodah is perfectly entitled to do that. If he, Angiee (or whatever her name is. I don't keep up with the goings on this site) or whoever wants to pull the plug, then they can pull the plug. What you forget is that no matter what, mediums are a PRIVILEGE. Sure you can influence the owners as the audience into putting out a different product, but you can't force them to do it.

I think alot of people take the 1st amendment way too seriously to the point that they don't understand the actual meaning. The amendments are to protect citizens from government, not necessarily to protect people from other people. Therefore private parties and businesses have every right to limit speech within their own sectors. In other words, people cannot just say what they wanna say and do what they wanna do and think there won't be repercussions or backlash of any kind. The only ones that can't is government, and that's all.

>all about censorship. I don't
>care if no one even
>heard of Dead Prez. It's
>not about popularity. It's about
>being able to voice your
>opinion, no matter how "unconventional"
>or "rebellious" it may be.
>No one's getting hurt in
>their video. If anything, nothing
>but positivity could come from
>it. Check out the video
>and marinate on that. Then
>holla back. Blessings.

I'll check the video, but it will do nothing to change my point. The bottom line is that what I might like doesn't mean the other person is going to like it too. And there is a bigger world out there, one that might not take that video lightly. Sure, they could be petty and hyper sensitive, but the point is that just as you like it, they could dislike it. And the nays might outnumber the yays. Therefore, what to do then?

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