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Topic subjectRE: Censorship: What Exactly Is "Taking It Too Far"?
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21212, RE: Censorship: What Exactly Is "Taking It Too Far"?
Posted by guest, Thu Sep-28-00 10:35 AM
"This isn't an issue of censorship. Far as I know the FTC has never stepped in and banned the video from being shown on national television. BET and other networks have the right to prohibit showing the video if they like."

** I disagree. This has everything to do with censorship. According to press release statements and the site, (the only area where the video is being shown)Dead Prez's video has been banned from ALL video outlets, unless they edit it. True, BET and MTV can prohibit the showing of the video if they want, but it's still censorship, no doubt.

"Also, one more thing. Artists don't decide what is popular among the public. The public decides what's popular among the public. People are not going to shell out money or waste their time on "art" that they don't like. Therefore, the artists' interpretation of the art is irrelevant; people are always going to see what they want to see regardless of who says differently."

** Never said artists made that decision. However, they can influence it. According to album sales and reviews, the public HAS deemed them popular. Again I disagree, people will not have a chance to see what they want as long as there is someone there to say "I don't think this is appropriate for you to view". That would be like me wanting to post my opinion on a subject matter, because I feel in some way it infringes on the right of free speech, but then having BooDaah come in and delete my post because he feels it may agitate some Players to the point where they might feel the need to do something about it. Same damn thing. It's all about censorship. I don't care if no one even heard of Dead Prez. It's not about popularity. It's about being able to voice your opinion, no matter how "unconventional" or "rebellious" it may be. No one's getting hurt in their video. If anything, nothing but positivity could come from it. Check out the video and marinate on that. Then holla back. Blessings.


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