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Topic subjectRE: Censorship: What Exactly Is "Taking It Too Far"?
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21210, RE: Censorship: What Exactly Is "Taking It Too Far"?
Posted by guest, Thu Sep-28-00 09:14 AM
About the Kim thing (with her ass hanging out), I mean that crap sells is why they play it for real.

Also, it is a pacifier for people. I mean, if you can keep everyone's eyes on sex and ice, etc, then they may not keep on thinking about the crap that they and/or people live.

I mean, the press is always quick to commend somebody for doin some good (like prez do) but you better be damn sure that they wont play that shit if the corporate sponsors and supportin it.

I think Prez's video should get layed uncut. I dont really see the explict elements as bad. Just truth telling.