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Topic subjectCensorship: What Exactly Is "Taking It Too Far"?
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21205, Censorship: What Exactly Is "Taking It Too Far"?
Posted by guest, Wed Sep-27-00 01:16 PM
I ask this question after reading a previous post regarding Dead Prez's latest video, "They Schools". According to the Music Today website, they are the only ones who are giving the public the option to view the video. Due to its content, it isn't being shown in any video outlet unless the label agrees to edit it.

This to me is stifling. I had the pleasure of viewing the video at www.musictoday.com/download/dead_prez.asp , and I can honestly say, I don't see the problem. It's no worse than what's currently being played day in and day out. These brothers have a voice that needs to be heard.

One of the major concerns surrounding the video, is the wearing of nooses. There is a scene where there's a room full of brothers, without shirts, looking into the camera, but it's only Stic man and M1 who are wearing the nooses while they rap. There's also a scene where they are burning history books and trashing a classroom. As far as I'm concerned, in this scene, they're making a political statement in regards to our history, Black history, American history, not being taught in its full capacity within the classroom, and they are fed up.

In all fairness, naturally in the wake of the whole Columbine incident (as well as others), I can understand how officials might be shakey with some of the visuals, but it's deeper than that. These brothers are trying to bring forth awareness. And I think it's a shame that they are being censored. Especially when it's something that needs to be heard. I mean come on, do we not remember Puffy's "It's All About the Benjamins" video where during a high school prom, these kids ran through and trashed the school (throwing garbage cans through trophy cases)while running to a tour bus? Hello, no message there. Forgive me, how absent-minded am I? There was a message. Get money and keep a clip on hand (how appropriate). Yet MTV and BET alike, kept those in rotation. Isn't that ironic?

Anyhoo, back to my original question. In regards to censorship, what exactly do you think is "taking it too far"? Should an artist's creativity be stifled, and if so, to what extent? What do you deem inappropriate? By the way, have you seen the video on the site? What do you think about it? In doing so, check out their press release statement.

Forgive me for the length of this post... I'm vexed.


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