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Topic subjectY did this post drop????
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21129, Y did this post drop????
Posted by nushooz, Tue Oct-03-00 08:00 AM
We go round for round about things that we may or not be able to change....but here's something that we can do......C Bout the Children......

No, we'll have a helluva time tryin to make hip-hop more politically conscious - according to some; that ain't their responsibility.....but we can impact the children......

Talk to these parents. I had a girlfreind take her 11 and 12 year old girl along with 3 of their 12 year old freinds to a DMX concert. I thought that was terribly inappropriate....but I said nothing.

Now I wish I had.....

Live from the Shoe Sto'

I,I, I Can't Wait!