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Topic subjectyou know what it is?
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21126, you know what it is?
Posted by azucar18, Tue Sep-19-00 04:26 PM
a lot of these parents just can't say the word NO. there's a whole bunch of little kids out there who have never heard their parents say that word to them. so many of these parents try to reason with them. it's one thing to reason with a teenager, but reasoning with a 3 year old? no way!

and because they can't say the word no, they buy their kids whatever they want (or take them to whatever movie), even if they find it objectionable. for instance, at my job, i get a lot of elementary school-age kids asking for eminem. so when they get mom (and it's usually mom) to secure permission to buy eminem, i tell her that it's inappropriate for young kids. sometimes mom says no, but most of the time my warning doesn't change their mind. and these are their excuses: "well, as long as i don't have to hear it, it's okay." "oh, their friend has it so it can't be that bad." "they're going to hear it anyway." "i don't want my baby to leave here empty-handed."

they don't have any control over their kids. they've given their kids all the control. and now they're realizing that maybe that's not such a good idea. that's why they're demanding that the government do something, anything, to keep the bad stuff away from the children. which, if they had been doing their jobs as parents, they would have been doing all along.


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