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Topic subjectwhere are the parents?
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21124, where are the parents?
Posted by Melanism, Mon Sep-18-00 05:01 PM
you know, everytime i read about congress bitching about the violence in music, television, video games and movies, i ask myself that question.

are the congresswomen and men who have children the LAZIEST parents in the country?

Video games on average cost at least 30 dollars. Where are children getting 30-40 dollars for these games? Their parents I wager.

Movies. How are kids getting into R-rated movies? Usually their parents or someone else's parents.

Music. Same thing...where do kids get 15-18 bucks for their Eminem CD? Guess?

So instead of keeping a watch on their children, it is up to these industries to mkake it easier for THEM.

If the Columbine killers happened to fancy the recordings of Neil Diamond, what would they say?

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