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Topic subjectwhere are the parents?
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21124, where are the parents?
Posted by Melanism, Mon Sep-18-00 05:01 PM
you know, everytime i read about congress bitching about the violence in music, television, video games and movies, i ask myself that question.

are the congresswomen and men who have children the LAZIEST parents in the country?

Video games on average cost at least 30 dollars. Where are children getting 30-40 dollars for these games? Their parents I wager.

Movies. How are kids getting into R-rated movies? Usually their parents or someone else's parents.

Music. Same thing...where do kids get 15-18 bucks for their Eminem CD? Guess?

So instead of keeping a watch on their children, it is up to these industries to mkake it easier for THEM.

If the Columbine killers happened to fancy the recordings of Neil Diamond, what would they say?

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21125, RE: where are the parents?
Posted by Brownsugar, Tue Sep-19-00 10:59 AM
Parents should always monitor their children...Violence is out their for everyone to see...even the children at school. It's not what they watch...it's all about the time that a parent takes to explain the difference between what is right and wrong!!!
21126, you know what it is?
Posted by azucar18, Tue Sep-19-00 04:26 PM
a lot of these parents just can't say the word NO. there's a whole bunch of little kids out there who have never heard their parents say that word to them. so many of these parents try to reason with them. it's one thing to reason with a teenager, but reasoning with a 3 year old? no way!

and because they can't say the word no, they buy their kids whatever they want (or take them to whatever movie), even if they find it objectionable. for instance, at my job, i get a lot of elementary school-age kids asking for eminem. so when they get mom (and it's usually mom) to secure permission to buy eminem, i tell her that it's inappropriate for young kids. sometimes mom says no, but most of the time my warning doesn't change their mind. and these are their excuses: "well, as long as i don't have to hear it, it's okay." "oh, their friend has it so it can't be that bad." "they're going to hear it anyway." "i don't want my baby to leave here empty-handed."

they don't have any control over their kids. they've given their kids all the control. and now they're realizing that maybe that's not such a good idea. that's why they're demanding that the government do something, anything, to keep the bad stuff away from the children. which, if they had been doing their jobs as parents, they would have been doing all along.


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21127, Laziness
Posted by RexLongfellow, Wed Sep-20-00 06:48 AM
I think that's the biggest factor. A lot of parents are so quick to put the responsibility of raising kids on something else. They refuse to take the time to see what their kids are getting into. I honestly think that some parents these days are too wrapped up in their own lives to worry about their children, and that's a damn shame.

I remember I was pissed at my moms for not letting me watch Eddie Murphy RAW when it came out, but I realize that it was for my own good now. These days, parents would care less if kids watch that kind of programming, but when they come home with a foul mouth, they point the finger at the entertainer and everyone else.

Also, I think that kids are a lot more spoiled these days, and the government has now regulated and decided what punishment is appropriate for discipline, so even if a parent wanted to correct their child, they would have to worry about breaking the law. With that said, kids have developed a "you can't do nothin to me" attitude, combine that with the spoiled factor, add in that they have access to inappropriate music and movies and you have what you have today: Kids taking control of their parents.

21128, Eddie Murphy "RAW"
Posted by guest, Tue Oct-03-00 08:46 AM
That's funny how you mentioned "Raw" because I remember a similar situation in my life that would've meant the same circumstance you faced.
However, I made it to the theatre to view "Raw" accompanied only by my more naive best friend and the consent of a very uninformed relative.
Suffice to say, my mother was PISSED to find out that I was given the liberty to experience the vulgar raunchy X-rated humor of Eddie Murphy.

I realized that it would've been in my best interest to not witness that profane material, but............what can ya do when the parents don't sanction anything?
21129, Y did this post drop????
Posted by nushooz, Tue Oct-03-00 08:00 AM
We go round for round about things that we may or not be able to change....but here's something that we can do......C Bout the Children......

No, we'll have a helluva time tryin to make hip-hop more politically conscious - according to some; that ain't their responsibility.....but we can impact the children......

Talk to these parents. I had a girlfreind take her 11 and 12 year old girl along with 3 of their 12 year old freinds to a DMX concert. I thought that was terribly inappropriate....but I said nothing.

Now I wish I had.....

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