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Topic subjectThe State of Public Education....
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20473, The State of Public Education....
Posted by CCM, Thu Oct-26-00 08:12 AM
is in shambles, no matter if you're in the inner-city or the suburbs. I'm in Philly, and the school district is set to go on strike after work-day tomorrow. It makes me sick that we can spend close to one billion dollars on sports stadiums while the
city struggles to find quality teachers and pay them decent wages. It makes me sick that high school students can't go to school today without fears of getting shot or stabbed. I thank god I'm not in high school anymore and on the verge of graduating from college. I also don't understand why people (politicans and citizens alike) wanna exhaust all their efforts on school vouchers and private schools, instead of working to make their neighborhood public schools better. In the time it takes to start up new schools and allot money for vouchers, we can better spend
that money refurbishing existing schools and equipping them for the 21st Century. No matter how we look at it, the federal government does and always will play a critical role in the public school system,
we just have to be more active and make our needs/wants known.