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Topic subjectHow can WE improve schools NOW?
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20470, How can WE improve schools NOW?
Posted by Inez, Tue Oct-24-00 01:32 PM

This is something that has been on my mind for a while...

Schools are failing to meet standards horribly, we all know this. Inner city schools have always been a mess, hell Detroit isn't even putting toilet paper in the restrooms. But suburban schools are in pretty much a mess also.

I mean, the technology in the suburbs will make up (barely) for the poor teaching standards and innacuracies taught. At least those students have a figting chance.

But what I'm wondering is, what could community members (and that includes everyone) do to help supplement student's education?

Because relying on government to take care of it isn't going to cut it - they are taking too long & it IS the gov't...'sides, funding is only half the answer (and who's getting it anyways?).

To clarify let me give my background.

I went to schools in and around detroit. Did fairly well - in most of my classes we had to share textbooks ( and 15 year old ones at that) - so that meant no taking them home to study. Millages were often cut so that mean no art, music, or gym classes - or after school sports programs. Teachers were shifted around & cut - and that often meant that teachers that were unqualified were teaching important subjects. I remember one year the gym teacher was teaching biology and was pretty much not knowing what the hell she was supposed to be teaching.

But you know what? I excelled and a lot of students were doing as well as other, more priveleged students. Because the teachers cared and often bought supplies out of their own pockets, tutored in their free time, and took a personal interest in every student. that doesn't happen a lot.

Then my parents moved to the suburbs to try & give me better opportunities for education. We supposedly lived in one of the best school districts in Michigan. It had lots of opportunites as far as learning and technology goes. It also had some of the best test scores in the state.

But I never learned much there because basically all that was being taught was how to pass standardized tests. Plus the administration often discouraged "at risk" or "disadvantaged" students to take remedial courses.

BUT the district had an alternative school that I could attend. It had normal funding but could run on very basic funding if need be. The basis of the education was learning how to use resources from the community.

I was able to create classes that worked for ME to fulfill the state requirements. Classes weren't taught in the standard factory model that all schools follow. It was recognized that all students learned differently and education was tailored to meet each persons needs. High expectations were also placed so that students could stay in the school.

I was taught that I could use my community as a free resource for almost anything - I attended classes for free at University of Michigan while a sophmore in high school, because I learned how to work with others. Teachers also had home "forums" that met weekly. It was like a second family - students camped out and did various other things througout the year.

I ended up dropping out because I was so far behind from attending the previous school. I can't help thinking that if someone had caught me before it was too late, I'd have a high school diploma.

Fortunately I was smart enough to get a GED & go to a community college & transfer to a university.

I don't think thats the case for a lot of students.

So although I tried to major in education & shot the idea down...it is my personal goal to help every child I can with their education.

But what can i do? what kind of innovative programs could I start? how can I make sure that students that need help, but are seeking it, get help?

what do you suggest, that could be done immediatley?

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