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Topic subjectYou misquoted the lyric
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20444, You misquoted the lyric
Posted by incogx, Sat Oct-28-00 09:34 AM
You misquoted that line, or rather you left out the last hald of the scentence (possibly to make your case stronger... who knows maybe maybe not). The statement sticman made was, "i got cousins in the military but as far as i'm concerned they died when they registered." You just quoted him as saying "I got cousins in the military, as far as I'm concerned they die." Those are two very different statements because to just say, "they die" would mean he's talking about physically killing them, but to say "they died when they registered" has completely different meanings. I took that statement to mean he was speaking on mental death and being brainwashed into fighting and risking your life for a country that doesn't give a damn about your people. I don't agree with every last word that dead prez says, but I do agree that brothers can seriously lose themselves in the military. So basically I agree with that statement.

However I do think that "They Schools" has some valid points but at times they missed some of the biggest educational problems and scratched at the surface. Listening to it made my head nod but there was less food for thought than some of their other material. That was a song where they really could have revealed a lot of problems with the system but they overlooked too much so in essence it failed. BUT I do think that as a whole their LP is imporant and it does need to be listened to. If anything it will inspire us to go out and do something (not necessarily with a gun), and kill the apathy that plagues black folk today.


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