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Topic subjectBut see here is the problem
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20431, But see here is the problem
Posted by urbgriot, Fri Oct-27-00 09:51 AM
How would wealth be better spread????
Through a socialist system???

I don't think that socialism will work for a country in size bigger that Cuba. It can truly only work when the people are in accordance, willingly, to the system. What fails socialism is that it does not require people to be motivated for production. It is simular to the welfare state in the U.S. if people are not forced to work, which they are in China and most other socialist nations, then the country will fail to produce. The system naturally deligates freedom and limits peoples oppurtunities.

Thruth be told, I do not know if you are Afrikan, but as far as Afrikan people I don't feel that either system should be pigeonheld into out community. On the continent, African peoples traded and bardered with one another and three other continents with, not nessessarily an equal distribution, but with a common theme. That the wealth of the nation only be determined by how well the children and elders of that nation lived. Meaning that they lived for the betterment of the community and the nation as a whole. Not for individual gains but as a collective. These principles have eroded, Europenized, through time and that is what I feel has to change more that any economic or social system. The people mindstate has to change.!!!!!

Afrikans invented the economic systems that Europeans have copied, and demented, into manipulatived and exploitive systems of personal gain. Whether it is communism or capitalism.