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20428, Find it Interesting
Posted by urbgriot, Fri Oct-27-00 08:07 AM
I think Dead Prez and many people in the Movement feel that the answer is armed warfare.. I do not understand how an violent challenge to the government is the answer when it comes to the upliftment of our people.

I will make a point about the country we live in. It is one of the very few countries where forums like the one we are conducting right now can take place. People fail to realize that until they travel overseas and visualize it themselves. The freedoms and liberties within the Constitution are unique to this nation (the right to bare arms, freedom up speech and religion) and I don't think those priniciples should be challenged. Second point is that The United States is not a pure capitalist country as many people would like you to believe. The U.S. has many socailist programs (Welfare, Social Security, Medicare) and goverment agencies that are designed to so call help the people. There was only one county that is close to a true free market economy (Hong Kong). I can not go into the minds of the founders of this nation to determine what they were thinking when this nation was formed, and there were probaly many subversive movement within the founding of this nation. But if I am not mistaken Afrikans were present when this nation was formed and even contributed to the founding of this nation. Yes the system was designed by Europeans, with Afrikans as slaves, and has many flaws. But it is a cop out to dwell on that and not move progressively as a people.

One problem I have always had with the movement is the blame game that goes on within it. We are very quick to point to the problems without discussing a rational solution. One that would actually work and that makes sence. (would a true armed uprising really make sence ??????).