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Topic subjectRE: Thats not what they said
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20420, RE: Thats not what they said
Posted by JUSTICE, Thu Oct-26-00 12:20 PM
>the full line is
>"I got cousins in the military,
>as far as I'm concerned
>they died when the registered."

To me thats still unacceptable read previous replies...

>Dead Prez never said anything about
>killing their cousins- I think
>this represents the idea that
>Blacks enlisting in the military
>are volunteering for death at
>the hands of political agenda
>not necessarily the revolutionaries that
>they might come up against.
>This is a popular notion
>of Black militance particularly fostered
>by the Black experience in

I do not have a problem with that, whats wrong with liberation for all people? I guess thats another thread..

>As for the teachers comment- thats
>not in the context of
>the song thats just the
>talk at the end- he
>did say, "as far as
>Im concerned..."

Word, thanks for the clarity, as far as I'm concerned there's more effective ways to end such a powerful song..

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