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20418, RE: pitbulls
Posted by guerilla_love, Fri Oct-27-00 09:30 AM
you know what scares the hell outta me? i was raised in america, in the midwest, no less. i was fed all this flagwaving bullshit from the beginning. my family has seen me as confrontational from the time i first learned to talk and question.

but it's like you open up your eyes and you have a simple truth right out there in front of them that contradicts what you've always been fed by the land of the free and the home of the brave...but the only backup you have for the truth you see is word of mouth, so it's all truth come in the form of conspiracy theories and urban legends

but then i talk to people from all over the damned world who don't blink an eye at our theories, because they are generally accepted as true.

anyway, i think my point is that the truth is very isolating out here. no one wants to hear it or believe it or no one cares, and so many people are so deeply tied up in the shit they feed you. not that i'm not, just that i'm fightin it and tryin to unearth what i can/ get all that partyfed crap outta my own sacred head